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This here is partially a fic journal, and partially the stressed out ramblings of an unbalanced, yet benevolent, individual. You're very welcome to read, comment or friend as you please.

I love the internet because it connects people, and I think it's at its best when it's interactive. I'm a big believer in - and I'm trying to say this without sounding scary - actually getting to know the other people out there.

I'm in my late 20's. I study (English and French in case you were interested). I'm not a writer, but I do like to type up stories (sometimes with other people's characters) and post them on the internet. I roleplay. I'm a feminist. I like drinking copious amounts of coffee and talking, mostly about dogs. Or tv-shows. Or books. Or music. Or games. Or politics.

Currently my favourite obsession is the tv-show Supernatural. I've lurked in various fandoms for... a very long time, but I'm very new to actually participating.

Pretty much all the fic I write gets archived here at AO3. Note that you should by no means confuse me with the wonderful, wonderful [personal profile] tinypinkmouse, whose account that actually is. She just lets me hide out there. And, because she's awesome that way, she's read a few of my stories out loud here at the audiofic archive.
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